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Residential & Commercial Investors
Find unique investment opportunities quickly.
Compare scenarios and properties with easy online analysis.
Create custom PDF reports
Need a summary sheet to highlight the key financials and graphs of how an investment property will perform? This one-click away PDF file will pull out all the relevant financial ratios and can easily be sent to co-investors or brought with you when visiting a property. Not only do these reports contain all of the necessary property financial information, but they also display your contact information for promotional purposes.
Perform "what-if" analysis dynamically
Our unique sensitivity analysis allows an investor to move the sliders to change the value of the input – and then see in real time how that changes both the key metrics and the graphs. This answers all of a buyer’s "what if" questions about a property, such as "what if I put down 40% instead of 20%?" or "what if the property rents for $1200 instead of $1000?"
Watch charts update in real-time
We provide 14 different graphs that change in real time as you modify the variables. The graphs can show future investment performance up to 30 years, depending on how you set your holding period. For each property you can compare 3 different purchase scenarios, and visualize how differently they will perform.
Download nearby rental comps
We want to provide you with the best data possible to analyze property, so we’ve included feeds of live rental listings in the zip code of the property being analyzed. We also bring in averages from Rentometer and HUD based on number of bedrooms. No other software option allows you integrate rental comps directly into your analysis.
See rental comps plotted on a map
Our Google map tool shows you rentals around the property being analyzed. This is great for understanding the rent potential of buildings in the immediate vicinity.
Export to Excel in 1 click
Once you create your property analysis, you can export your work with the click of a button. These Excel sheets are a complete Annual Property Operating Data and are a great way to present the property to your financial advisor or accountant.
Modify over 40 different variables
Smart investment property analysis requires looking at all the variables that affect the performance of a property. We have built in over 40 variables to make sure your analysis is complete, but to keep things simple, you can customize which ones you want to show in your dashboard.
Multiple leases for commercial properties
A new feature of the eRealAnalyzer is the ability to add up to 20 different leases into the analysis. Leases can be entered as either the price per month or year, or as a price per square foot. The full lease schedule can be exported to Excel to add to your marketing materials.
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