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Investor Loyalty Program

In this market, there's no time to mess around with unproductive tools and resources. You need sales, and you need them now. I say, find the source of sales, and get in the middle of it.

Working with real estate Investors is one of those lucrative sources! Our economic climate makes it one of the best periods in U.S. history for investors -- and savvy investors are cleaning up. It's not just the professional investors that are raring to go right now, it's the mom-and-pops who are looking for a safe place to incubate their nest egg outside of the stock market. But, working with investors can be time consuming as they often expect you to comb over the MLS listings and county records for great deals. Who has time for that? That's why I'm all over the new Agent Advantage program by eReal Investor.

Their system automatically identifies the hottest listings on the market by price per square foot and percentage below the Appraisal for the property. Then they post that data as Real Deals for your investors to see -- while displaying your contact info and photo as the site sponsor. Not only that, but investors can use the tools on the site to analyze various financial scenarios of any property, or compare several side-by-side to ensure they're making the most of their money.

Here's what you get:

  • Branded members-only Investor portal to keep you front and center
  • Sponsorship recognition throughout the site (normally $9.95 per month, per investor, with far less functionality)
  • Login page for your investors - branded with your contact info and photo
  • Branded investor dashboard with your info at the top of every page
  • "Your Name Picks" -- Flag your own "Real Deals" from around the nation to show your expertise & involvement
  • Feature properties to your subscribers with your own comments
  • Add your listings and other property finds from around the nation
  • Define your sales territory and baseline for Real Deals
  • Instant spreadsheets and reports
  • Your subscribers can search for properties nationally
  • Embed the highly endorsed Analyze Technology on your personal website
  • Gain exposure to serious investors for FREE!

Here's what your investors get:

  • A list of the hottest REAL DEALS on properties in the areas you serve
  • Properties you recommend both locally and nationally
  • Compilation of listings from top national hot property sources such as foreclosures, distressed properties, fixer-uppers, bank owned and more -- all in one location
  • Automatically save properties from many online resources where the Analyzer tool is displayed
  • Access to featured properties you spotlight
  • Save individual properties and even keep notes on them
  • Create a hot list of the top properties they are interested in right now
  • Determine the best strategy for property purchase by comparing different scenarios side-by-side (10% down vs. 20% down or 6.5% rate vs. 7.5%)
  • Instantly visualize financial metrics such as cash flow, cash-on-cash return and others
  • Understand pre and post-tax scenarios of their investment
  • Get property alerts that meet your investment criteria
  • Save their detailed analysis to Excel
  • Save search parameters to make future searches quicker and easier
  • See live rental comps plotted on a map

Investors want to know you know how to identify the best deals on the market -- this tool does that for you and makes you look a rock star of investing. Listen, if you're serious about working with Investors, and tapping into this great source of sales, you need this tool.

dollar sign

How much is it? That's a no-brainer, $99 set up and $49 per month. (Remember to enter your event promo code for special deals.)

For more information contact eReal Investor at (951)837-7637 or contact us